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Behaviour Support (within Children’s Social Care)

How is the service accessed?

Behaviour support can be accessed, via Children’s Social Care, after an assessment has been completed via the social worker which would indicate a need for the service.

A referral would then be completed and sent to our Resource Allocation (RAS) panel or directly to the Behaviour Specialist.

What is the Service?

A service for behaviour support would start with an initial assessment and discussion with parents/carers, involved professionals and an agreement around goals would be discussed.

A flexible service will then be provided to assess the behaviour that is challenging, and the needs of the family.

What do we do?

Observations and direct support would be provided during this time at a level agreed by the family on a weekly basis.  Family/Carers would be expected to participate and engage with the process and support which includes assessment questionnaires.  This enables the behaviour specialist to gain an understanding of the key functions of the behaviour that is challenging.

Behaviour support meetings may be held if the child or young person is accessing a variety of settings to enable a joined up and consistent approach.

A behaviour support plan will be made with the family and then direct support can and will be provided with implementation of the plan as needed/required by the family.

Behaviour support goals will be reviewed regularly via the child’s care plan meetings with an agreed closure plan once outcomes have been achieved.

Contact your allocated social or family worker if you have one, or Children’s Social Care on the number below.

Who to contact

01344 352020
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