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Easthampstead Park Community School

At Easthampstead Park Community School our vision is to deliver a school judged as outstanding, that lives up to its values and beliefs. We aim to offer a learning journey which develops a sense of curiosity and wonder, supports creativity and motivates students to aspire. Our sense of community is built around the quality of relationships between staff, students and parents (our behaviours) and therefore is partially dependent upon staff welcoming parents into the school as much as possible. We all need to communicate clearly and work with each other. Parents need to be involved with the school, taking an active interest in the development of their own and others' children.

"It takes a whole village to raise a child."

 Our vision, values and beliefs

  • We value and respect all people for their knowledge, experience and capabilities
  • We value our heritage; and we believe families and our local community can play an inspiring and purposeful role in young people’s learning
  • We expect everyone to demonstrate through their actions and behaviours, respect for themselves and the community – people, property and the environment
  • We believe that all young people from every kind of background should be equally recognised as being creative and individual.
  • We believe that learning should engage all members of the community in order to support them in fulfilling their personal and academic potential

 EPCS is a smaller than average secondary school. White British is the dominant group with. The remaining are from a range of minority ethnic backgrounds, and an increasing minority speak English as an additional language, with nearly 30 languages spoken in the school. Our local community is broadly Christian but not overtly so. The local churches are supportive and involved in the wider curriculum, including the World War One commemoration project.

15 students have ASD identified as a primary need; this is above the national average at 1 in 55 compared to a national average of 1 in 86. The reduction in students identified as BESD has been significant; this is due to more accurate profiling of specific difficulties and greater use of inclusive strategies.

Who to contact

01344 304567

Where to go

RG12 8FS

Local Offer

Contact Name
Sarah Buchanan
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Local Offer Age Bands
Secondary (11-16 years)
SEN Provision Type
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