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Our aim is to ensure that every disabled child has an opportunity to be something special…a kid.

There are an estimated 70,000 disabled children and young people in the UK waiting for a wheelchair that fits their young lives. That’s where we come in. Whizz-Kidz provides disabled children with the essential wheelchairs and other mobility equipment they need to lead fun and active childhoods.

The wheelchair is just the start…

Giving a disabled child a wheelchair is just the start of their journey with Whizz-Kidz. All around the country disabled children and young people are meeting and making friends at our growing network of local clubs. They’re having fun whizzing around obstacle courses, knocking over skittles, doing wheelies and learning about boring but important things like road safety at our wheelchair skills courses. They’re forming campaign groups and meeting MPs, contacting the press, and designing campaign badges and posters. And because growing up can be a bit scary, they’re taking part in our work placement programme and building confidence at our life skills events.

Oh, and there’s quite a few parties going on, too.

More about Whizz-Kidz…

This section of the website tells you all you need to know about the charity and its work with disabled children.

Also, you can meet some of the children we work with and find out more about the invaluable services we provide for families with disabled children from across the UK.

What We Do

Whizz-Kidz provides disabled children and young people with vital mobility equipment, opportunities to meet and have fun, and training to help them gain skills and look forward to a bright future.

We provide services in communities across the UK and we have mobility centres located in a number of areas through our partnerships with the NHS.

Mobility equipment

We provide essential mobility equipment – powered, manual and recreational equipment – to give young disabled people the independence to enjoy a more active childhood.

Wheelchair skills training

Our wheelchair skills training programme, for young wheelchair users up to the age of 18, is one of the ways we offer sustained support to young disabled people on their life journey. Wheelchair skills training furthers young people’s independence by teaching them how to get the most from their wheelchair, be safe when out and about and in turn have more fun! It is open to both Whizz-Kidz beneficiaries and those that received their equipment from elsewhere.

Life skills

We involve young disabled people in our work and at the same time they gain essential life skills such as work experience to further their self confidence and support their transition into adulthood.

If you or your child needs help from Whizz-Kidz please go to get help


Through our campaigning we are calling on the Government and NHS to ensure that all disabled children have access to the right mobility equipment at the right time.

Please help us to make an impact on more disabled children’s lives by joining our campaign.

Who to contact

020 7233 6600

Where to go

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