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TLC Live - Online tutoring experts

TLC LIVE provide online tuition for students referred through mainstream Schools, Virtual Schools, Hospital Tuition Services and others. These organisations find it useful to have TLC LIVE in their toolkit as there is no contract, and no minimum lessons required- you can use the service as and when you need to, on an ad hoc basis. We can also set lessons up to start within 12 hours of referral as long as the student has access to IT. Our online tuition takes place in real time, with fully qualified, UK based teachers delivering tuition for students aged 6 through to GCSE. Here is our full subjects list:
Lessons are an hour long and run at a time to suit the student. There is no minimum booking or set course, we simply organise the lessons required, which can be stopped or rearranged at any point without charge (for lessons cancelled with 36 hours’ notice). We run lessons on a 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 basis- this is because every lesson will have space for up to 3 students that work in their own private lesson space, and the teacher continuously rotates around the students throughout the lesson. The students in the same session do NOT need to be the same level or ability, as they work on their own independent lesson plan, covering their own topics for the lesson. We use the following price breakdown to make this cost effective for groups:
Lessons cost per hour:
• For 1 student: £40+VAT
• For 2 students: £40+VAT (£20 per student)
• For 3 students: £60+VAT (£20 per student)
Our tutors complete feedback reports after each lesson and we also provide summary reports to assess students’ longer term progress. We also use adaptive smart- assessments to help us identify skill gaps. Our new online classroom now captures the whole lesson in a recording, so we can monitor the quality of our teachers closely, and investigate any safeguarding issues that may arise. Organisations like schools and virtual schools use us for a number of different needs- we work with individual students who cannot attend full time school for any reason (fixed term exclusions; mental/physical health needs, etc.), as well as individuals who may need some extra attention to keep up, or whole cohorts referred together for revision sessions or homework clubs- these can take place from school or at home! We can cater to your needs whether you have 1 student or a whole year group- no group is too big or too small.

Who to contact

01279 657 193
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