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Yoga and Meditation at Uyen Yoga

Hello everyone

My name is Uyên Vū (pronounced Wee-en Voo) and I’m from Vietnam. Amongst other things, I bring to the UK with me 15 years experience of learning and practicing yoga & meditation. I run classes at my private studio in Ascot - Bracknell, in schools, companies and community events too.

Our yoga sessions involve practice aimed at regaining & maintaining optimal health rather than seeking maximum performance & flexibility and we have no dogma. I teach resilience and sustainable & mindful yoga with slow & full breathing and opening up to the present moment. My aim is for you to be able to practice breathing meditation with ease and comfort at the end of each session. My wish is that you can carry home the feeling of ease, calm, joy, happiness, and peacefulness after our sessions and for the rest of your day. Our practice is created for all levels. I plan each session to ensure the yoga practice is understandable and approachable and is accessible for everyone but challenging enough for you too.

On the meditation course, I teach what I have learned and continue to learn and practise in my everyday life. There is no religion or dogma in my meditation teaching. It is practical, simple so that you can apply what you learn straight away, everyday and at any time you want or need to in order to help deal with stress and everyday life!  My wish is also that you can create your own peace & happiness within you and for the ones next to you.

At our yoga and meditation sessions for children & teenagers, my aim is to create a place where they feel safe, secure, love, nourished, supported. A place where through their direct experience of yoga and meditation, they learn more about their own body, breathing, feelings and thoughts. A place where they build their own confidence and become better able to live a happy and positive life; where they learn to look after their own well-being and also to care for things and people around them. A place they feel they have all the resources they need and their own essential tool kit which is there for them to use as they go through their life in school, at home and out in the world. The skills are helpful for them as they are going through a life which can so easily make them anxious and stressed.  A place to learn and practice and build their self-calming, self-esteem, self-enquiry, self-exploration, self-discipline and self-awareness.

I am happy and open to any enquiry about teaching yoga and meditation for children, teenagers, and adults from one-to-one or in group, in schools, at my studio in Ascot or at a place of your choosing. For exciting updates about yoga classes, delicious Asian recipes, or some interesting practice, please like my Facebook page – Uyen Yoga, send me a message, email me or come & meet me in Ascot.

Have a lovely day and I look forward very much to seeing you! Uyen x

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Yoga Teacher - Studio Owner

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50A Fernbank Road, Ascot
50A Fernbank Road

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Regular yoga sessions for small group - maximum 8 people - weekdays and weekend
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Record last reviewed on 02/11/2018
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