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Bracknell Urgent Care Centre

When to use an Urgent Care Centre?

Use the Bracknell Urgent Care Centre (BUCC) if you need medical treatment or advice which does not need a visit to A&E. The BUCC treats minor injuries and minor illnesses that require immediate assessment and treatment but do not require care in an A&E Department.  

The BUCC is not an alternative to your GP practice, which should usually be contacted first. If you are not currently registered with a GP practice our receptionists can give you information to help you register. 

What happens in an Urgent Care Centre?

The BUCC is a nurse led unit and all patients are assessed by a nurse. Priority is given to the illness or injury that the patient has attended with. Certain patient groups are prioritised including children and the elderly.

The centre is supported by a GP at all times. The BUCC is not a replacement for your appointment with your GP and the continuity of care that this provides. 

If in doubt please call the centre on: 01344 551100 or call 111.

Waiting times in the BUCC can vary depending on time of day and the number of patients in the centre at any given time. All patients are seen in order of arrival and urgency. This may result in a patient who arrived after you being seen for treatment before you.

This does not mean they have jumped the queue, it means that they are in a different treatment category than you, or they have been classified as being more urgent.

At peak times you may been assessed by a triage nurse in order to be given a priority depending upon the symptoms that you have. You may been seen by an emergency nurse practitioner or a GP depending on what your symptoms are. It is sometimes difficult to predict how long you will be waiting, some patients need longer to assess and treat than others.

Please feel free to speak to our reception staff if you would like an approximate waiting time.

It is sometimes necessary to refer you to other more specialist services or to your GP to ensure continuity of care.

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Who to contact

Tel: 01344551100

Where to go

Royal Berkshire Bracknell Healthspace
Eastern Gate
Brants Bridge
RG12 9TR
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