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Breathe For Transformation (Yoga)

Offer weekly  Live Online Yoga Pranayama and Yoga Nidra Classes

Yoga is more than the physical movement of reaching the asana, it’s a breathing practice as well as an emotional journey for healing, growth from adversity with added strength resilience wisdom to move forward in life. 

Breathe For Transformation is  passionate about helping people to feel balanced, fulfilled, and empowered themselves

The yoga session incorporate mindful movement of the body with awareness on breathing (Asana Practice), Breathing exercise or Pranayama, Meditation, and Chanting, Yoga Philosophy, Yogic diet from Ayurveda. 

We can look at yoga as a way of life; yoga and meditation are the path for self-discovery, a profound approach for overcoming self- imposed limitations, boost self-confidence, self-healing, and transformation in daily life.

  If you are stressed, anxious depressed or suffering from different health conditions or want to improve your physical health, develop strength balance and flexibility through yoga.

Come and join Breathe For Transformation community, where I will be holding this space for you to learn self-care tools and techniques to develop the confidence to practice yoga throughout your life.   

The road of yoga is endless - it all starts with a smile, pose, thoughts, and action to move into a path of self-discovery and growth. I value each and every person who joins my class and I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.  

.if you find my approach can be of any interest to someone else please help me spread the voice.    See you soon in my virtual class and stay Safe



Services Includes 

  1. Personalised One to One Yoga Seasion 
  2. Weekly Yoga, - Hatha and Yin Yoga 
  3. Pranayama or breath work 
  4. Yoga Nidra and Journaling 

Who to contact

Contact Name
Dr. Ashwini Shannikodi
Contact Position
Yoga Facilitator
+44 7443 739550

For Schedule,  Cost and Booking  Please contact me through email


Time / Date Details

Time of day
Session Information
Regular online live yoga sessions for small group weekdays and weekend

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